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That’s Not What I Meant! 
Effective communication skills
Understanding our misunderstandings to ensure messages are heard correctly

How to Win a Goat
Achieve your goals – starting right now
Whatever your ‘goat’ may be, set yourself on track for increased action and success

Wasps in the Workplace
Managing conflict without being stung
Understanding conflict triggers; addressing and resolving conflict constructively

Presentations with Impact
Make them sit up, listen and act
Presentation strategies to grab the attention of a client, the boardroom or an auditorium

Meaningful Meetings
Avoid the groans when meeting time comes around
Techniques and strategies to prepare and run engaging, results-focused meetings

“No” is Not a Four-Letter Word
How to set positive personal boundaries
How to decide on and set personal boundaries, and then uphold them under pressure

Parking Meters in Your Comfort Zone
Accept, embrace and enjoy change
Facilitate new initiatives by acknowledging and addressing common reactions to change

Beyond “Here’s my Card”
Gain solid business results from networking events and conferences
Building meaningful business relationships rather than simply handing out cards

It’s time!
Controlling workplace time-wasters and setting priorities for results
Reduce firefighting and free up more time for tasks that will move the business forward

Freedom through Delegation
How to delegate effectively to achieve the desired result
Techniques to overcome the reluctance to delegate, often due to fear of a poor result

How Am I Doing?
Performance management to enhance engagement and increase productivity
Collaborative performance management techniques are a two-way process for growth

Does Anyone Know I’m Here?
Reward and recognition strategies for every day
Informal rewards and recognition are a key component of staff retention

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