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Our Difference

At The SUCCESS Centre, we recognize that no two companies
are alike
and that people are different too.

We do not sell training programs; we develop solutions for the people you employ. You access both workplace and life skills learning through one central location. We work closely with you to develop relevant, effective programs that will accelerate your success.

‘Off the shelf’ training programs are like one-size-fits-all clothes – for a few people, they may be a good fit. The rest will be wondering why they’ve bothered to take time away from their busy workplace.

The SUCCESS Centre focuses first on the results you need. Concise, relevant training solutions are then developed specifically for your needs.

  • We will be as concise as possible. Time is valuable – let’s not waste it.
  • Program topics are linked directly to your desired outcome.
  • Programs are lively and interesting with clearly defined next steps.
  • We increase effectiveness, motivation and retention through customized personal and professional development plans.
  • We enable people to work smarter, not harder, in today’s busy workplace.

The SUCCESS Centre’s relaxed, inclusive approach engages participants.

Our experienced facilitators know how to encourage interaction and participation. Through a combination of humour, interaction and experiential learning, individuals are moved to action. Involving people in their own learning means the message is easily retained.

We learn more when we’re having fun!